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Warning: Spoilers ahead! Don’t say we never warn you ah.

If you’re into 80’s pop references, pre-teen sassiness, and telekinetic tantrums, then you’re probably no stranger to the hit Netflix original series Stranger Things.

*Plays theme song* Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo.

Like many fans, we binged all nine episodes of Stranger Things 2 in one sitting and absolutely loved it. Everything about it, from Dustin’s purring to Joyce Byers’ facial expressions. And we’re not the only ones. The first episode alone garnered 15.8 million viewers in the US so we’re pretty sure that says something.

Now that the show is over, we’re not quite sure how to go on with our lives. Okay, that might be a lie but we do have a lot of feelings to unleash after watching the show, especially now that we have to wait until 2019 for the next season.

Can you say Stranger Things has taken over our lives? Yes. Are we gonna talk about it? Yes. So grab your Eggo waffles cause shit’s about to get real strange up in here.

1. Everyone wanted to be Eleven (aka Jane) for Halloween.

Pop on a blue jacket, pink dress, fake blood, and bam. You’re Eleven. Her look is so easy to recreate that it would stop any Demo-dog in its tracks.

Case in point: Our CEO, Fazil

2. Our lives revolve around Stranger Things memes.

When you try to get your crush’s attention:

When you accidentally liked your ex’s post:


When responsibilities come out of nowhere:

When it’s the time of the month:

Oh this can go on forever, my friends.

3. Christmas lights will never be the same again.

It wouldn’t be surprising if one of us turns on the Christmas lights and yells, “ASK THEM A QUESTION DAMN IT.” (That’s not a bad idea since Christmas is coming.)

4. There’s a Stranger Things kid we all relate to.

Are you the loyal friend (holla at ya, Mike!), the one who’s constantly unlucky (sorry, Will), or the weird quiet kid (ahem Jonathan)? If you’re not quite sure, there’s a quiz you can take to find out which kid you resemble.

5. Hopper’s. Dancing. Is. Everything.

Hopper’s such a sweetheart in the second season, thanks to his heartwarming relationship with Eleven. But it’s his dancing that has the whole world in shambles – there’s even a Twitter account in honour of his goofy moves and we love it!

6. Bob Newby’s the real superhero here.

It’s already sad that his first name is Bob. His last name had to be Newby. Like newb-y. But hey, he’s still the nice nerd who got the girl and pretty much saved the day at Hawkins Lab. It was sad to see him go though. RIP Bob, you will be missed.

7. Sign us up for Steve Harrington’s Babysitter Club.

Steve went from a total douchebag in Season 1 to the most lovable character in Season 2. He surprised us all by forming an unlikely friendship with the kids and offering to babysit them while Eleven closes the gate. Shame he got beaten to a pulp but hey, the guy’s still a champ.

8. Lucas’ sister is all of us.

The little savage.

Overall, there’s just something about Stranger Things that makes it so compelling. We mean, the show’s all kinds of weird and wonderful: nerdy kids, walkie talkies, creepy monsters, girls with mental abilities. But what’s not to love, right?

Have you finished watching the show? Tell us what you think!

P/S: Barb, where art thou?