But first, meet the Chinggas.

The four of us have been friends for 8 years since I went to SMK Kota Kemuning but the furthest we’ve ever been was probably my house, also located in Kota Kemuning. Finally, after so many years, we decided to go beyond KK and visit a friend of ours who was doing her Masters in Architecture in Australia.

We planned to travel to two “main” cities in Australia, Melbourne and Sydney, in a span of 2 weeks. We also brought our partners along so we had 7 people in total.

After months of discussing who had the best currency rates to change money, we were off to Straya!


WHOO SUNSET! If only I had the window seat…

Great Ocean Road

We rented an SUV and I called shotgun most of the time because “I had to take pictures and shoot videos”.

On the way there, we took our first group photo and this was what we looked like.

I’m the one with the smallest eyes.

After hours of driving (and failing to see a single kangaroo), we reached the 12 Apostles.
Sadly, there were only about 9 left.

How many Apostles do you see? Tell us in the comment section below!

Sydney Opera House

At first, I was hesitant to go to the Opera House thinking it would be overrated and just another attraction with too many tourists walking around. But I was wrong. Instead, I was blown away by everything about it; the exterior and interior were just beautiful. Probably also because I went with a few architecture-loving friends who knew how to appreciate its beauty.

Harbour Bridge on the left. Opera House on the right.

Up close, you’ll realise how shiny the cones are and there are even tiny tiles on it.

We took a guided tour of the Opera House to learn more about its history and interior.


We were even fortunate enough to be there while an orchestra was practising. To hear them in real life in such a historical building WAS BEAUTIFUL!

Here are some nice photos of people taking nice photos. MORE LINES!

We got our photo taken too, but we were too cheap to buy it.
So we took a photo of photo instead.

Job done.


We were drooling for so long that the sun started setting.

Another group photo!
(Meet Hwen – a new friend we made in Sydney. He’s the one on the far left.)

Sydney Market

FREEEEEEEEEEEEEESH seafood everywhere!

Our lunch.

OYSTERS! Usually I hate eating oysters because they taste weird but Australia changed me. It was so good! We managed to go the same oyster seller as seen from Buzzfeed’s “Worth It” series. Ate a $12 (~RM38) oyster that was bigger than my face.

Let it in… The flavour and that $12.


To be able to afford that $12 oyster, we cooked most of the time! Okay, so maybe Simon cooked most of the time and we were just ‘helping out’. But I cooked that burger alright!

Fun Fact: Australian milk and Australian beef are just called Milk and Beef in Australia.

Blue Mountain

After hiking from the car for 3 whole minutes, we were finally here! And yes, the mountains were actually blue.

There were many flies too.

Here’s a dangerously shot montage at Blue Mountains.

Bondi Beach

Ladies, please take note. You HAVE to come to this beach.

Unlimited supply of topless, well-built men running along the shoreline. There weren’t that many girls, I don’t know why.

But there were cute dogs running freely everywhere! We even saw a dog asking a random guy for water while he was showering.

The last group photo of the trip.

Aite, that’s the end of our trip!

Of course, the thing we missed most about home was our beloved Malaysian food and family. Nothing beats home.

P/S: Shoutout to Simon for some of these images!