Note from The Editor (Michelle Obama)

Holy mother of hell, we have a blog. Aren’t we just all kinds of legit right now?

Welcome to After Hours – C27’s little dark nook on the internet where we rant, share our indecent thoughts, and make inappropriate comments about all things advertising.

Be warned dear reader, this blog isn’t just any other cincai-simply-post-only blog. Our Editorial team including Michelle Obama, Beatrice Tan, and Chi Cheng all work pretty damn hard to make sure we’re delivering quality content. I almost used “thumb stopping content” but I stopped mahself. See, we censor ourselves. Okay that’s a flat-out lie. We aren’t going to be censoring a damn thing. But that’s because we want you to hear directly from all the peeps behind C27 in their own words. We like keeping it authentic. Ori. OG. You know what I mean. No? Okay fuck it.

Here’s hoping you enjoy reading what we post after a long day at work when you begin questioning your sorry existence. Leave a comment, share your favourite post, or just stalk us in the dark. Hopefully with your clothes on. Whatever floats your weird little boat.

(If it isn’t already obvious, this was in no way actually written by Michelle Obama because you know, she has more important things to do. Like push ups.)

K bye.