Never did I think this night would come, where I would visit one of the more prominent drag shows (without any knowledge of its existence or happenings beforehand). Prior to our new blog’s launch *claps*, I was chosen for this little adventure by my crazy boss. The point is for the team to immerse themselves in somewhat underrepresented cultures to improve our world view.

My first reaction was:
“Club..what club!?”

And then I told myself, “What’s the worst that can happen right?” and set sail on this adventure. The initial brief was to go alone. But of course, I couldn’t help but make it merrier with some company.

P.S.: I was so not being a pussy haha.

1 boy, 4 girls, and a gay club.

Let’s do this!

Blue Boy Club in Bukit Bintang with its glamorous signboard.

And there we were!

Looking at the picture, we were all standing quite far away from the entrance while one of the ladyboys kept teasing us to go in.

And so without wasting any time, we made our way in..

RM38 for entrance with a free drink. Show started at 12.30am.

That was it!

My first impression was..

Overall, it wasn’t so bad. It was just like any other techno club, only with some ladyboys at the entrance. Nothing very over the top…yet. We sat right in front of the stage and waited for the show to start.

And then it happened!

The highly anticipated show began!

There was one ladyboy dressed like a Disney princess. These ladyboys be fancy.


(expression + passion)

Okay, it wasn’t too bad to be honest.

Moving on!

I was dying with excitement.
Their expressions were so exaggerated, they had me laughing non-stop.

I mean, look at that. ☝️

Our group of girls were also enjoying it!


I think I almost peed my pants.

I went from this

to this..


The level of epicness made my jaw drop so hard I couldn’t even feel it.

Lotsa laughter & smiles all round…

…yet also mesmerising.

Spicing things up!

One of the audience members just got pulled up on stage randomly.

*Tip*: Do not make eye contact and you’re safe.

Some wild wild north shiz

Last show.

Both the performers & crowd showing some love towards each other!

After the show ended, it did feel uncomfortable (being straight) to watch guys making out with each other. I felt like a tree, just standing firmly there without moving. I tried looking elsewhere but eventually, I still ended up seeing someone doing something sexual. We left early & hit the bars in Changkat!

*I did try to dirty dance with a guy, but it only lasted 5 seconds. Too much heat, I couldn’t take it haha.

A lip syncing, butt smacking experience!

Despite being a straight guy, the performances were really entertaining, funny & epic!

All the performances involve lip syncing but it’s still fun to watch because of the exaggerated expressions, emotions & body language!

I would say this place is CONFIRM safe for guys & girls. Forget about all the negative stigma that this is usually associated with. It’s a completely safe and amazing environment. So.. sit back, relax & enjoy yourself when you’re here!

Would I go back again?

Would I recommend it?

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are entirely the writer’s own and does not reflect the overall culture within C27.